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My Photobucket account is up and running! Fianlly some pictures!!!
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We didn't really do anything today, just went shopping, so I have my List Of Things L Forgot (Again) To Post. (LOTLFATP.)

First thing I saw coming into London Airport? An Oregon Ducks T-Shirt.

First thing leaving Hamburg Airport? A poster for two of my favorite TV shows, NCIS, and Criminal Minds.

Quiz time!
"Sakrileg" A book that has faced controversy many times. Once by two authors who claimed that the author stole ideas from them, and once frmo teh church who thinks that it's Sacrilage. Was mad einto a movie with Tom Hanks.
"Illumanetti" Prequal to Sakrileg.

Did you know that you get change from the buses over here?

-That's all for today!

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We didn't do much today....

Thursday: Slept in, (YEAH!!!) then did some homework. Took a bus to Haus im Park (House and Park) which is kind of like the River Road Park District on steroids. (Computer courses, physical therepy, and more,) where we talked to some friends of my Grannie-Annies- or actually, they talked. I pretended to listen.

Seriously, learn the freaking language before you go anywhere. I didn't really have enough time to learn it between the time I learned I was going, and the time we went, and it is a pain in the butt.

Oh, we saw something cool. It's called a 'smart,' and it's a safe, small little car that get's great gas mileage.

It will never be brought into the U.S. as long as the Oil companies have their way.

<- A smart
We saw a smart car parked in an... Unusual way while we were here. (The smart car will be red) there were two cars parrallell parking up to the curb, - and -. The smart car was between tehm, like -I-, and still not in the street...

Anyway. Oh yeah, then we went to a WW2 memorial church, church of St. Nikolai, which was pretty cool. If you can read German. There was a picture of the street my Grannie Annie lived on,and you can see how bombed out it was.


Then we walked around for a bit. (It was really windy, and really really cold.) We ate dinner at a pub.

Yes, a pub. And I have a picture & coasters to prove it.

Well, that's all folks!

Type to you soon!



Sep. 15th, 2007 07:48 pm
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In approximately not enough days my Papa, and myself will be embarking on a journey to a place that is strange to me, and quite normal to my Papa.

We are going to Germany.

We are going to fly over the North Pole (!) to get to our destination, as long as no crazy terrorist tries to bomb the plane over aforementioned North Pole. I'm sure the polar bears would just love that.  In case such an unlikely event is to occur, I have decided to post my Last Will and Testament here on LiveJournal:

To my brothers: You can pick over my books, if you want to, I guess.

To Rica-Chan: Anything/Everything is to be divided between you and all of my friends. 

To my parents: My body is to be cremated (after donating my organs,) and my ashes are to have a MySpace page. 

All morbid jokes aside, this is going to be a real adventure.
...And I just wish that I actually understood German...

We are going because it is my Papa's (yes, he's my dad, but I call him 'Papa.' Deal with it,) thirty-something-ish High School reunion. Yeah!

In this journal will be my place where I will post entries from Germany, in hopes that my teachers will read it, and know that I am not slacking off.  If you are reading this, teachers of mine; 

That's not really my last will and testament, and I don't need to see the psychiatrist.


****Very Importent!! Due to the fact the computer situation is kind of iffy in Germany, this could be a total waste of time, and I might not actually get to post at all while I'm over there, but I'm going to try.****


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