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Saturday: Went for a drive with Hani around old town. Went a bunch of places, saw some cool things, including
an airbus manufacturing place,

Went to a place called: "Jork." Pronounced "York."

Also took a quick drive through the Reeperbahn. During the night it's where all the "Independent Buisiness Women" do there... Buisiness...
(No, Mom, I really did not see anything, and it was not Papa's idea, so don't kill him, please.)

Went to an old consentration camp, where my Great-Grandmother was sent.

Talk about depressing.

Last time I was this depressed was when we saw a movie in Mr. Caron's class about the KKK, and then I saw the KKK website.

The website makes you feel naseous, and mad, and sad- all at once...

...And some people say that none of it ever happened! That it's all "propoganda to undermined the great Nazi cluture" or some other B.S.

I don't get it... how can they look at all the evidence, and still say it never happened????

~Actual conversation between Papa, Hani, and Grannie-Annie on Saturday pu in for shock value to see if anyone besides my Mother, and Kelz is reading this~
Papa: Blah Blah Blah Poodle Blah Blah Blah (All in German)

Everyone is staring...

Papa: Oops.... I meant blah blah blah....

Ashley: Huh?

Papa: I was telling about the dog might end up having to be put to sleep, put instead I said murdered.

(Cue the generic laugh track)

Papa: Maybe I'll get him stuffed!

(Grannie-Annie and I look at each other, fear in our eyes.)

Papa: Maybe make him into a door stop!

Grannie-Annie: No, no Peter.

Papa: Then I'll stuff my wife , so he can forever be sitting on her lap!

(Everyone is laughing by now.)

Papa: Be a waste of a good chair though....


No, my Papa wouldn't actually do that, we were just joking around That's the way the humor rolls in my family. 

Don't freak out, I swear- it's normal!

For us....



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