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Oct. 20th, 2011 11:22 pm
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I’m sorry this is so late. I’m a horrible person. D:

I hope the characters manage to be in character, Superboy is just so hard for me to write, I’m sorry... As is this Superman. I wish we saw him more…

For a prompt on the YJ Anon Meme, here. Superman, Superboy and the song "I'm Alive" from Next to Normal. This fic isn't quite as angry as the song, though. >_>;;

and though you made me, you can't change me )
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School spit me up and chewed me out, but I am DONE! I have graduated and I am OUT! Yay~!

-Chapter+eventual completion of "all little boys"
--timeline figured out, it's just actually typing it that's difficult.

-Two fills for the fic exchange
--Treasure/Cinderella (I have most of this mapped out, but I'm having personal issues with how parts of it are turning out, and I think I'm going to change it after this week)
--Wally-fic (haven't bad time to sit down and properly research what was wanted for the fic to the extent that I feel comfortable writing it, plan on doing so next weekend)

-"Ride the Lightning" (Wally gets hurt & can't use speed fic for the meme. Somewhere. I need to find it). Currently being re-written as I don't like how it's come out. >C

-I'm Alive/Superboy and the Invisible Girl
-- Redoing them, didn't like the way they turned out

-Poems for Superboy, because he's awesome and deserves them. :)

-Wally with MS in the family+fear of the future

-Finish "Zydrate Anatomy"
-- No excuses, but writers block. Forgive me? T___T

If I'm missing anything, I'm sincerely sorry, and I'll fix the list!
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For the [info]yj_anon_memehere

"Superboy is really new to the world. This presumably means that there are alot of things he doesn't know. But it might also mean that he pays much more attention to simple, daily things."

Cadmus taught him many things
Which spider made the web-
                                        Araneus Cavaticus
                                        Common Barn Spider
(But it is M’gann who insists that they watch the movie
With the spider:
                            “Charlotte’s Web”
Someday he hopes to be “terrific” and “radient” too)

They didn’t teach him
How to appreciate the view
                        Of dew-drops on the spider’s web
                        At the crack of dawn
                                                  Tiny diamonds
                                                  (Allotrope of Carbon, hardest material)
                       Landing on the almost invisible threads
           Dancing at dawn

They didn't teach him that
There is more to life than
                                             And Carbon

So he learns


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