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She who was the Speedforce had taken the youngest one, and she would not let him go.  
Never before had she fallen so 
  With speed, as with the universe,completely and utterly. 
It was a foreign sensation, wantThere is no beginning ing and not having what it was she sought.   
Her emotions making her a pri There is no end soner in her own mind, a captive in her own
being. There is no reason for  
There simply is.her to stay away from him, none at all. Save for
his own inexperience. She     There is the brushed against him as they meet, the barest of 
touches, the sofest of sighs. overwhelming It was such a shame they did not meet as often. Him 
so unused to her embrace  need to that he tried to escape it, so unused to her touches that he 
became frightened. He     Run.didn't realize who she was when she meets him in the joy of  
running, and dancing in   He is so much younger this meeting of two worlds, when she gets to
see him, and be with      
Than the others him instead of just watching him, watching over him,  
and being worried. And Who use her she does worry. He may be the youngest of all those who
meet with her, but she For glory sees a greater promise in his future. Maybe someday, he could, 
be the best of them,   It is a shame she knows the answer, but cannot say it. Instead she meets  
with him as often as  He is only possible, as they fight together on the field of glory. And as they
fight, she hopes thatHuman.she hears the words she so longs to hear. The words that will bring
him to her in a gloriThat makes itous accord. "Help me. Help me save my friends, and I'll do any
thing." Anything.    harder, He'd do anything for them, and she'd do anything for him. Even run
with him until they almost. are one being. One mind. One spirit. Running together like the world
 will end if they    to stop- and it just might even, at that. If she lost him, after all the trouble to 
find him, if she   let let him go so soon after molding him, she might lose control. Why should
she give him uphim then? To give him back to a world that is too slow, and too unclean? Why
not keep him    go with her forever? To keep him as her consort in the world of humanity. To
keep him with her at all times... Was that really too bad? Was that really wrong?



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