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Sorry I haven't posted! Internet cafe's can't be used all the time....

Monday: We, (my Grannie-Annie, Papa, and myself,) were picked up by Hani to go and have breakfast- again. She really enjoys our company, I think. We then took a trip on the autobahn!!! Yes! The famed Autobhan! We went 149 kph, or about 92.5843076 miles an hour. We then went to a castle, (palaces are in England, Germany only has castles,) anyway, called Schwerin- but we didn't get to go inside... We then went to a hunting lodge to get a small bite to eat. While there we saw some of the cutest animals I have ever seen.

(Not actually bunny seen, but acurate representation of cuteness factor.)

Little baby bunnies.

Little baby bunnies that will be chopped up and made into some sort of food dish when they are no longer little baby bunnies.

Anyone who doesn't like the bunnies? May the exponential-bunny-multiplying-curse-of-bad-luck curse rain upon your head. From now on, your bad luck will multiply. Like rabbits.

Then we went to Ludwigslust. Which is where King Ludwig kept all his mistresses. (Ludwig's Lust.) That's another thing about Germany, they don't care about nudity like we do. I saw a post card, (a postcard!!!) With the nude, none bleeped out, picture of a woman in all her full glory. I was kind of shocking, to say the least. Anyway, then we went home, and I did my homework. Yippee.

Tuesday: Tuesday we went to the actual city of Hamburg, (my Grannie-Annie lives in the suberbs,) and we went by train. When in Hamburg one can buy a family pass for 8,60 euros, (Eight euros, sixty cents. They use the ',' instead of teh '.' over here,) or about $12.11998, alot? Not really when you consider unlimited bus train and ferry service for your whole family. Of course you don't have to actually buy a ticket, but more on that later. We went to this shop called C&A, and I got some clothes that I'm not going to go into detail about, but one thing struck me as odd. When you go to try on shoes, the nylon feet things that you have to put on first for safety reasons actually fit. That's right Ladies and Gentleman, they actually fit! And they feel right, too. No more trying to adjust The Seam so that it isn't at the bottem of your foot and annoying....

I think I'm going to bring some back to the U.S. with me. Just for teh heck of it.

We also took the ferry.

Oh. My. Golly. (That's what my Grannie-Annie says. ;-))


Wednesday: Woke up early, checked out the German's version of a Saturday market, hopped a train or two, and finally we got to where we were going. My Dad's old school; The International Shule Hamburg.

I will be spending a day of classes here on Monday, taking (amoung all things,) intergrated math, theatre arts, and Beggining German. I have to meet up with two girls, one of whom being a Kenyan, the other being a half German, half New Zelaander. (He rpassports from New Zealand.) 

We don't have an international high school. 
We don''t even come close.

While we were on the train, on the way to ISH two uniformed men came on board. 
Remember what I said about not having to pay? It's like an honor system, if you don't have a ticket when one of these uniformed men (and women) come onto your car, then they write you a ticket. Three tickets, and you go see a judge. If your lucky you can go for a very long time without a ticket, but what happens when your not lucky anymore?

We went on the ferry some more today. GO FERRIE BOAT RIDES!  *Ahem* And I managed t oconvincee my Dad to let us see about seeing a play that the have here in germany at teh moment. So far, we still have to see because the play is really expensive right now. The play is: Der König der Löwen. 

Any guesses?

Is anyone actually reading this?

BTW: Two fun words from teh German Language, Schmuck and Schlump. Just say them, they're fun. 


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